Daniel Principle
Daniel Principle

Hi, I’m Daniel.
I create spaces that champion boys into becoming good men.

Let’s champion together

Boys will be

good men

Champion Boys. Challenge Culture.

Daniel Principle
Daniel Principle

What’s Possible?

We have all needed someone to help guide and encourage us through the challenges of adolescence. Young people today want our support more than ever, and we especially need to champion a generation of young men.

Boys want to be decent and courageous. Our role is to create spaces for them to be their best. We have the opportunity to help boys find their purpose, clarify their values, and build healthy relationships. I invite you to join me on this journey of forming good men. Let’s champion boys and challenge culture together.

The Journey so far

Young people are growing up in a digital world they didn’t create, but they have to navigate. This generation is grappling with a complex online world that no others have.

Creating space for youth to experience moments where care and courage triumph is what keeps me inspired. I see this especially in combined workshops where all students — either from co-ed schools or during combined single-sex days — are invited together to listen to and empathise with the stories in the room. From this place of shared understanding, we resolve together to create healthy cultures that value respect and kindness in all our relationships.

We all want boys to be kind, courageous and respectful. These are good ideas, but it’s our role to help boys see these are good for them and their relationships.

Whenever I engage with young men during our workshops, I never doubt I’m going to witness their terrific insights and growing empathy. Using a strengths-based approach, I encourage boys to aspire to healthy expressions of masculinity and sexuality. To show them not just who they shouldn’t be, but who they can be.

This isn’t a solo journey. Helping young people to flourish and form healthy relationships needs a whole-of-community approach. Parents and educators play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation as they contend with endless digital distractions and harmful online content.

I have been privileged to engage in professional development with thousands of educators, counsellors, parents and communities who are dedicated to the wellbeing of their young people. Together, we explore what the academic research reveals about the current digital world’s impact on young people. Then we look at ways to support youth in unpacking the mixed messages they receive about relationships, bodies, consent and sexuality. With effective tools and positive examples, we can help young people establish their values and form healthy relationships into adulthood.

Schools across Australia are wrestling daily with the challenges our sexed-up digital world presents young people. These cultural forces shift the atmosphere of the classroom, undermining behaviour, learning and overall well-being.

Schools are uniquely positioned to create positive environments during adolescence, but these environments take intentionality and a willingness to confront difficult topics. I partner with schools to support students and staff to engage in authentic, healthy conversations around relationships, sexuality and pop culture. I work with all types of schools — state, independent, primary, secondary and private schools, as well as universities.

In the media

Daniel Principe with The Project host Sarah Harris, the Principal from Yarra Valley Grammer, a former teacher and a student named Henry.
More than ever boys need healthy male role models

Daniel joined The Project host Sarah Harris with the Principal from Yarra Valley Grammar, a former teacher and a student named Henry for a roundtable featuring conversations on engaging boys, masculinities, influencers and schools.

‘I’ve spoken to over 35,000 boys in Australian schools. This is what I see.’

‘Adolescence and puberty is a tough time for everyone. But I really feel for young people today who face challenges unlike any other generation.’

The sydney morning herald
Daniel wishes the rest of the world could witness what he sees in Australia’s high schools

Daniel Principe has spoken to thousands of teenage boys about what life is like for them. At a state school, he experienced the most profound moment of his life.

Daniel Principe is waging a war against online pornography and the reasons why will haunt you

These are the videos Australian children are being confronted with as young as 11. And it is warping their minds.

SBS Insight
From the age of 11, porn distorted my image of women. Now, I’m a consent educator

He says before we talk about consent, we need to address pornography’s pervasive message that women should and can be disrespected.

ABC Listen
Andrew Tate and the ‘manosphere’

The ‘manosphere’ is an online network of misogynistic groups. Concerningly, their violent and demeaning messages about women are appealing to a section of young men.

“Daniel your compassion for our boys is so needed. Well done.”

Maggie Dent, Parenting Educator & Author

“I am forever asked who I recommend to speak to teenage boys about relationships, porn and consent. I tell them without hesitation: Daniel Principe. Every boys’ school, every co-ed school in this country should be booking Dan as a speaker. His workshops on championing boys, handling peer pressure, living your values, challenging porn culture and respecting girls is critical in 2024. I cannot recommend him more highly.”

Rebecca Sparrow, Author & Podcaster

“Hey Dan. Going into your seminar I think most of our year, and myself included, expected an anti-men presentation. I think that you gave us boys/men a voice and a platform to bring out and use our greatest values and qualities that are often misrepresented, or otherwise bottled up by us. I think you portrayed a very accurate environment of 2023 which men live in where ‘being a man’ can be very ambiguous. Your presentation was something I know I needed, and was highly beneficial as I was told the truth of the matter and had to confront my realities rather than avoiding this taboo topic. From this, I now know what my responsibility is as a man in society, and how moving forward I can be the best version of myself.”

Will, Student, Chevalier College

“You excelled in this space. You had the young men in the room at the palm of your hand, guiding them on a journey of learning and self-awareness. Our young men walk away all the better for the time they spent with you.”

Tammy Hawkins, Head of Students, St Philip’s College, Alice Springs

“Daniel’s authenticity and ability to connect with both students and adults were truly impressive. From the moment he started speaking, it was clear that his passion for helping teenagers navigate the challenges they encounter in today’s world was palpable, and it resonated with everyone in the audience. Daniel’s genuine and empathetic approach had the kids hanging on to every word and there has been a clear change in the school’s culture since his presentation”

Mike Weggelaar, Student Support Coordinator, Morley Senior High School

“THANK YOU DAN! Your talk really impacted me, I will no longer let a guy step all over me because I’m NOT AFRAID TO SAY NO. It has made me come to a realisation that there are so many different aspects when it comes to finding a partner and about the world in general, my standards are overly high after your wonderful talk today!”

Tia, Student, Youth Enrichment Program

“So real and empathetic. There is a significant frankness and passion to the way in which you present which is both striking and authentic”

Naomi Sherborne, Health Promotion Officer, Jewish Care

“I learnt to respect women and how to be a more complete man.”

Sam, Student, Kuyper Christian School, NSW