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The sydney morning herald
Daniel wishes the rest of the world could witness what he sees in Australia’s high schools

Daniel Principe has spoken to thousands of teenage boys about what life is like for them. At a state school, he experienced the most profound moment of his life.
Daniel Principe is waging a war against online pornography and the reasons why will haunt you

These are the videos Australian children are being confronted with as young as 11. And it is warping their minds.

SBS Insight
From the age of 11, porn distorted my image of women. Now, I’m a consent educator

He says before we talk about consent, we need to address pornography’s pervasive message that women should and can be disrespected.

ABC Listen
Andrew Tate and the ‘manosphere’

The ‘manosphere’ is an online network of misogynistic groups. Concerningly, their violent and demeaning messages about women are appealing to a section of young men.